Opening 1st Constitution Direct Super Savings Account

  • You must be at least 18 years old, a U. S. resident and have a valid social security number.
  • Minimum initial deposit is $10,000.
  • There are no monthly balance requirements.
  • Balances $10,000 to $250,000 earn 1.70% APY*
  • Balances of $9,999 or under earn .25% APY *
  • Rates subject to change at anytime

* Annual percentage yield

Open by Internet

  • Account must be opened with an initial deposit from your non 1st Constitution checking account.
  • 1st Constitution Direct will send two small deposits and one small withdrawal to your personal checking account that must be verified. To verify, review your transaction history at the bank where your checking account resides and identify the transactions. After reviewing, you will need to confirm the amounts by logging in to 1st Constitution Direct and clicking on “confirm verification amounts”. These transactions are sent as a fraud protection measure.
  • You must validate the 2 small deposits and one small withdrawal in your linked account no later than 45 days from the date the first transaction was made. If you do not validate the transactions within 45 days, 1st Constitution Direct may close the Savings account.
  • Transfer capabilities will be available immediately after “Verification process” is complete.

Using your 1st Constitution Direct Super Savings Account

  • Statements for 1st Constitution Direct customers are produced as of the end of each calendar month and are available for retrieval by customers shortly thereafter. 1st Constitution Direct will send an email to alert you when the statement is ready for viewing or downloading.
  • Account information can be accessed 24/7 by logging into
  • Accounts with Internet service, are automatically linked to the checking account used to open the account, allowing you to make deposits or withdrawals by transferring Bank-to-Bank between these accounts.
  • Electronic deposits made to your account will begin to accrue interest on the business day the deposit is made (a business day ends at 3:00 pm) and will be available for withdrawal after 5 business days. Every day is a business day, except Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays.
  • Electronic transfers to your non-1st Constitution checking will generally be at your bank within 2-3 business days.
  • In accordance with Regulation D, which banks must comply with, preauthorized transfers from the 1st Constitution Direct Super Savings account are limited to six per month.
  • 1st Constitution Direct Service Consultants are available by phone 8:30am – 5:00pm Mon. – Fri., EST at 1-866-934-41ST(4178).
  • Wire transfers, mail in deposits and issues of bank checks are not available with this account.The account balance limit is $250,000 per client.